Richardson Prep Centre- Toronto, Ontario

Richardson Prep Centre- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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"Success Favours The PREPared Mind!"

Bring a Friend or Friends! Pay in Advance! Receive a Discount!

It’s Simple!

  • Enroll with a friend or friends, in accordance with our registration procedure for the same course, at the same time and pay in one payment together
  • Pay in advance on or before the payment deadline
  • Receive a discount based on the number of people who enroll

How Much Of A Discount Will We Recieve?

It’s simple. The more people enrolling – the larger the discount!

2 People – The fee for 1 person and the second person receives a 20% discount

3 People – The fee for 2 people and the third person receives a 30% discount

4 People – The fee for 3 people and the fourth person receives a 40% discount

5 People – The fee for 4 people and the fifth person receives a 50% discount

The Fine Print – Exactly What You Would Expect:

1. Registrants must register in the same course for the same dates.

Example: You and two friends want to take the Mastering The LSAT course. You must take the same section with the same start date.

2. Course fees must be prepaid in accordance with the rules below and ONCE PAID THE COURSE FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON!

The program begins December 1, 2005 and will run until further notice. It is not retroactive!

How To Register

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