What GMAT Question Formats Look Like

The following suggestions are broken into two groups. Group 1 are sources that come directly from GMAT. Group 2 are "after market sources." This means that they don't come directly from GMAT. They are private sources designed to help you improve your GMAT scores. As such, they vary widely in quality.

Group 1 - From GMAT Directly

Commentary - GMAT is the best source of GMAT questions. That is where it ends. GMAT is the best for familiarity with the test, but the worst for teaching you how to take the test. To put it another way, GMAT does not provide any approaches for how to identify the answers to their questions. GMAT does, provide minimal explanations of why the "credited response" is correct.

- the GMAT Bulletin Of Information - Contains 33 sample questions: You get one free by calling 1 800 982-6740. It may be downloaded from the GMAT web site at www.gmat.org

- www.gmat.org - has some additional sample questions - you can also download the GMAT Bulletin from this site.

- the Official Guide For GMAT Review - "Officially", this is the only major source of real GMAT questions - It is published by GMAT and is described at www.gmat.org and may be ordered at 1 800 982-6740

- the GMAT PowerPrep CAT Software - Based on the questions in the Official Guide For GMAT Review it offers 2 GMAT CATS. Of course, this assumes that you have a computer

- The Official GMAT Practice Test - This is a practice GMAT offered at the Sylvan Technology Center. It uses the same pool of questions that are in the Official Guide For GMAT Review and is the most expensive option. But, if you need discipline and want the best duplication of the actual testing conditions then this is for you. Set this up by calling 1 800 GMAT NOW in Canada and the U.S. Telephone numbers for other countries are in the GMAT Bulletin.

Group 2 - Private "After Market" Sources

GMAT questions are copyrighted. Therefore, nobody but GMAT has the right to reproduce actual GMAT questions. There are a number of books, tutors and courses that are designed to improve your scores. Remember, you don't need help getting access to GMAT questions. You may need help answering and allocating time among the questions. Be concerned with:

A. What is being taught - you want systematic approaches; and

B. The quality and experience of the individual instructor. (You give your money to a Test Prep Company and you take the course from an individual instructor.)

There is no shortage of resources in this area.


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