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Question 2

2. The operative words are "can be inferred." This question refers you to a specific line number. When questions refer you to specific line numbers you should read both before and after the specific numbers specified.

By preparing "for the worst" the seal does not know how long he will be underwater and must be prepared for the maximum. Which answer choice is most consistent with this idea?

Compare And Contrast The Answer Choices:

(A) Reject. Preparing for a maximum of 20 minutes is inconsistent with not knowing how long.

(B) Reject. This is just like choice (A). The seal heads for prey "in the wild." When "in the wild" the seal is underwater for no more than 20 minutes.

(D) Reject. Again, the seal hunts prey "in the wild" when the seal is gone for no more than 20 minutes.

(E) Reject. The passage states that lactic acid is cleared after (not before) a long dive "in the deep." See lines 15 - 20.

(C) is the best choice. The phrase "longest dives in the wild" mean "in the deep." Note that this is a paraphrase of what one would expect the answer to be.

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