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Question 6

The operative words are "suggests that because." This is an inference question.

Compare And Contrast The Answer Choices:

(A) Reject. This is the opposite. Remember the answer to question 2. I.e. (C). When forcibly submerged the seals exhibit the physiological responses characteristic of the long dives - not the short dives.

(C) Reject. The passage implies that the seal copes with oxygen deprivation very effectively whether it is a long or short dive.

(D) Reject. This is the opposite. When forcibly submerged the seal exhibits the physiological characteristics associated with the long dives in which lactic acid is produced.

(E) Reject. This choice speaks of the effectiveness of navigation. The passage doesn't consider whether the length of the dive affects the effectiveness of navigation.

(B) This is the best answer. Again, when forcibly submerged the seal behaves as though it is going on a long dive. (See question 2 and choice (C) which is the answer. Basically they have asked the same question twice.)

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