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Question 9

This passage is not an argument. So, don't spend time trying to locate a premise and conclusion. It is a bland statement saying that while traditional childhood diseases have been going down, Peterson's disease has been going up.

The question asks us to select the choice that best explains the increased incidence of Peterson's disease among children. Note that the group is restricted to children.

Compare And Contrast The Answer Choices:

(A) Not likely. The passage tells us that few adults have been affected by Peterson's disease. How then could hereditary factors be the cause.

(B) So what! This passage talks about the United States. The point is that this relationship exists in the United States.

(C) Fairly strong. The choice is saying that the fact of measles precludes Peterson's disease. From this you are being asked to infer that the fact of no measles causes Peterson's disease. This may (but not must) be true. Let's make (C) our front runner.

(D) So what. This has nothing to do with an increase in Peterson's disease.

(E) Well, I guess you better make sure your children avoid Peterson's disease. But, this is also irrelevant to the reason for the increase in Peterson's disease.

(C) is the best choice.

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