Richardson GMAT Preparation - Toronto, Canada - The GMAT - 18 FAQ

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  2. What is the GMAT? A half day multiple choice Computer Adaptive Test "CAT" required as part of the admissions process for MBA programs

  3. What is a Computer Adaptive Test "CAT"? This can't be answered in one line - but please read the "Richardson - GMAT Report" on this site

  4. What does the GMAT test? - The GMAT is a test of reading and reasoning in context - some questions are verbal and some are math

  5. I have been away from math for a long time. I am worried. How much math is required? - The GMAT is NOT a math test. The quantitative section of the GMAT contains two question types. They are called "Problem Solving" and "Data Sufficiency". Math is relevant in that it CAN (but is not always) be a background skill required to answer some of these questions. No university level math of any kind is presumed. Most test takers can achieve adequate scores on the GMAT with a competence in basic high school level math. An excellent review of these concepts may be found in: "GRE-GMAT Math Review" by David Frieder.

  6. How is the GMAT scored? - The GMAT is reported on a scale of 200 - 800

  7. What score is a "pass" on the GMAT? - There is no pass or fail - each school decides what score is sufficient for its program

  8. How do you register for the GMAT? - You schedule your own appointment - 1 800 717-GMAT or

  9. How often can you take the GMAT? - The test is administered many days each month.

  10. Is there a maximum number of times you are permitted to take the GMAT? - Yes - 5 times in one year and 1 time in a period of 31 consecutive days.

  11. What is the fee for the GMAT? - It varies from year to year but is approximately $300 CDN or $200 U.S.

  12. Where do you register? - You have 2 options: or 1 800 717-GMAT

  13. How far in advance must you register for the GMAT? - It depends on the time of year - call 1 800 717-GMAT

  14. How long should you PREP for the GMAT? - It is different for each person - but you must be PREPared and feel PREPared.

  15. How important is GMAT PREP? - Very important! Success favors the PREPared Mind!
    • How often do we run our courses? - Almost every month - check out course dates.

  16. How exactly will your GMAT course improve my GMAT score? - We attack the test in terms of:

    • background math and grammar skills
    • GMAT specific multiple-choice test taking skills
    • GMAT specific CAT test taking techniques
    • GMAT process and compartmentalization
    • GMAT Questions - The skill of redefinition
    • GMAT answer choices: how GMAT makes unattractive choices seem attractive and vice-versa

    All of these issues will be applied to the specific GMAT question types.

  17. How does one register for the Richardson - program? - You have 2 options: you may register by calling 416-410-PREP(7737) or by emailing gmatprepregister [at]

  18. What book(s) do you recommend to get me started? - You should work with real GMAT questions. They may be found in "The Official Guide For GMAT Review" (published by GMAT) and the GMATPrep software which is a FREE download at
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