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Take Any LSAT Course - Get $430 In Bonuses

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    Letter to Prospective Law Student

    LSAT Prep For June 2008

    From John Richardson, B.A., LL.B., J.D.
    Congratulations on your interest in law. The 1990s were marked by a decline in law school applications. Since 2000 interest in law has increased. There is an increase in both law school applications and the number of people taking the LSAT. Gaining admission to Canadian law schools is a challenge - a challenge that is achievable. Admission to law school is a worthy goal. In order to succeed you focus on every part of your law school application file.

    As you know the deadline date for applications to Ontario law schools is November 1. It is wise to write the LSAT in June. This will leave you the summer to develop the remaining components of your application file. Completion of the law school application file is a time consuming job. You should undertake it at a time that will not interfere with your academic commitments. I commend you on your decisions to approach the LSAT and complete application process in this way!

    Although we run different kinds of LSAT programs throughout the year I would like to give you early notice about a very special program that I have run each May since 1993 in preparation for the June LSAT. This program is a special enhanced version of Mastering The LSAT (and all other aspects of the law admissions process). The course will appeal to those of you who want the most comprehensive live instruction available to ensure that you do the LSAT one time only and do your best in the complete admissions process!

    In 1979 I began teaching LSAT courses while I was still attending law school. Since that time I have personally developed and authored four different LSAT courses. My seminars about the "pre-law process" have been presented on behalf of university pre-law societies and career counseling departments. In addition I have personally organized numerous educational events for students interested in law school. I have authored a book about the pre-law and law admissions process. The book is called Law School Bound - How To Get Into Law School And Become A Lawyer In Canada And The U.S. In addition, I have also written a book about LSAT preparation. The book is called Mastering The LSAT - How To Prepare Effectively And Successfully.

    What does effective LSAT preparation involve?
    Effective preparation for the LSAT involves the mastery of four general categories of skills that are applicable to all LSAT question types. They are:


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