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FREE LSAT Strategy Seminar – A Student Comment

This article was written in March of 2005 and appeared in a pre-law publication. The author attended a FREE LSAT Strategy Seminar in March of 2005 before the June 2005 LSAT. Hence, the specific course start dates referred to (April 17) will be different from year to year.

“This is the time of year all us third year students go crazy! There are so many things to think about between preparing for the LSAT, rounding out application forms, not to mention finishing the school year! A few weeks ago I went to an extremely helpful LSAT strategy seminar given by John Richardson. I have got to say, I’ve never taken the LSAT before but, if you are planning on taking the June LSAT (which Richardson suggests you do) then this course is a great way to find out how to properly prepare for the LSAT… perhaps the most important test you (and I) will ever take! Information on future dates, times and locations for this free course can be found at: John suggests that you should take his LSAT prep course as well, which has start days as early as April 17th so if you want to reserve a seat make sure to visit The LSAT prep course prices range from $850 to $350 but if that doesn’t fit your budget you can always go to a Law School Bound seminar for $50 (all the information on these seminars and courses can be found at You can sign up for the June LSAT already at, the site is really easy to navigate around and will provide you with your test scores online as well as a slew of information about what to bring to the testing location, what to do if the LSAT is not being held at a location near you, etc…. All you have to create a user name and password, then log in whenever you need updates, I believe, although I haven’t done it yet, you can apply online as well!. Good luck with finding a course that fits your time schedule, budget and needs!

The only things left for us to do are… ace the LSAT… send in our applications… then wait. I’ll probably be vying with a lot of you for law school spots but good luck to all of you taking the June LSAT (we should still be supportive of each other at this stage of the application process… it’s too early to start baring teeth!).

Have great summer and see you all next year.

Keri B.
3rd year Environmental and Canadian Studies”