Mastering The LSAT - Unlimited Access

What Is Unlimited Access? The short answer is that Unlimited Access puts you in charge of your LSAT preparation. You decide when to take the LSAT, when to start your prep, how long to prepare, where to focus, how many practice LSATs to take, and how much work to do.

Unlimited Access allows you to:

- attend unlimited classes, practice tests and tutorials from January 1, 2007 to September 23, 2007

- prepare for either or both of June 11, 2007 and/or the September 29, 2007 LSAT

- choose when you take the LSAT, how long to prepare for it and when to start your preparation

- start anytime by attending LSAT Topical Tutorials every month from January to September (and during the summer)

- start your LSAT preparation, take a break (which is often helpful) and pick up again

- pick and choose the classes you want, allowing you to focus on the sections that you are most interested in (Caveat - you should work on both your strengths and weaknesses)

- participate in up to ten full-length LSAT practice testing sessions

- attend up to 20 days of LSAT teaching

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