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2007 GRE Changes - GRE Summary

Method Of Administration

- on computer
- 29 days each year around the world
- number of test centers increased

Kind Of Test

  • no longer a CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) but still a CBT (Computer Based Test Linear Test)
  • all test takers get the same questions
  • once a question appears it will not be reused
  • not all questions will be single answer multiple choice

Format Changes

  • 2 Forty minute verbal sections
  • 2 Forty minute quantitative sections
  • 2 Thirty minute writing exercises

Scoring Changes

  • The verbal and quantitative scores will be repeated on a new scoring scale somewhere between 120 and 170
  • The range of scores is expected to be approximately 50 points
  • The Analytical Writing will continue to be scored on a 6 point scale

Substantive (Content) Changes

  • vocabulary based questions (antonyms and analogies) retired
  • fewer quantitative background knowledge (for example geometry) questions
  • overall the test will have more emphasis on problem solving and reasoning skills

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