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The October 2007 GRE Changes Were Cancelled– But, Most of them have been brought back in the form of the Revised GRE of 2011 - Here is the information on the 2007 changes (most of which has been carried into the Revised GRE of 2011
The GRE Evolves - Outline And Table Of Contents:

The October 2007 GRE – An Executive Summary


Why The GRE Needs To Be Changed

The October 2007 GRE Format – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The Old GRE, The New GRE And The Prep Question –
Something Blue (Short term)

GRE Preparation In General

2011 Revised GRE - Join The Conversation!

October 2007 GRE Links - (what was being said at the time)

A Braver New World Of Testing

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This is the second time that I have written an article about changes in the GRE. The first time was in September of 1994, as the GRE was changing from a “paper and pencil” based test to a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT). At the time a CAT was a revolutionary concept. Twelve years later the GRE is evolving to its next stage. I called the 1994 article “The Brave New World Of Testing.” It seems fitting to call this article, “The Braver New World Of Testing.” (If anybody is interested in the 1994 article, you will find it by clicking here.

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