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2007 GRE Changes - The Old GRE, The New GRE and the Prep Question - Something Blue (short term worry)

Preparation For The October 2006 GRE

There is both Good News and Bad News!

First, the Good News –

There is no doubt that the new GRE will be a major and long overdue improvement. It will be a much better test of reading and reasoning in context. As a result, it will bear some relation to skills required to do graduate work.

Hence, if you want a more relevant GRE, then wait until October to take the GRE.

Now, the Bad News – Something Blue (In the sense of the mood and worry)

Information about the new GRE and sample questions will be sparse until the implementation of the test. The unpredictability of the test will make it more difficult to prepare for.

The current GRE (flawed as it may be) is a highly predictable (it hasn’t changed much in 55 years) test. This suggests that there may be advantages to taking the GRE prior to October 2006.

It comes down to the old question:

“Is the devil you know, better than the devil you don’t?”

GRE will report scores for a period of five years. Some people may want to take the GRE before October 2006 and then use that score any time within the next five year period.

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