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Question 5

The operative words are "is true of the laboratory studies." Note that this is quite specific. The question does not ask what is true of the passage as a whole.

Compare And Contrast The Answer Choices:

(A) Reject. The laboratory studies DO explain how the seal is able to tolerate the increased production of lactic acid. See lines 17 - 20.

(B) Reject. The key words are "oversimplified account." There is simply no basis for the word "oversimplified."

(C) Reject. There is no suggestion that there ever was a view that the seal relies on an anaerobic metabolism during the "most typical dives in the wild." Remember these are the maximum 20 minute dives.

(D) Reject. The laboratory studies are not based on the assumption described in this answer choice. The studies are based on the assumption that the long dives may exceed 70 minutes.

(E) This is the best answer. Evading predators or exploring distant routes is indicative of the long dive "in the deep." In addition, the author is of the view that the laboratory studies do provide an accurate account of the physiological behavior of the seals during this kind of dive.

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