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Question 8

The question asks what would best complete the argument. Since we are certain that it is an argument, we should look for the premise(s) and conclusion.

The Argument:

The conclusion has been left out. In fact, the question is asking us to determine which of the choices is the best conclusion.

This is an argument by analogy. Since an electric refrigerator by keeping the icebox cool made ice (at least for the purpose of keeping the icebox cool) obsolete, crops resistant to pests will make whatever is used to control pests obsolete. So, which of the five choices best describes what is used to keep pests away from crops.

Compare And Contrast The Answer Choices:

(C) is the only possible choice.

Each of (A), (B), (D) and (E) seems to me to be so irrelevant I'm not even sure how to comment on any of them.

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