GMAT VERBAL - Topical Workshop

GMAT Verbal – Topical Workshop - $300

The GMAT is a test of reading and reasoning in context. The GMAT contains one 75 minute Verbal Section which has 41 questions. These 41 questions are divided among the: Critical Thinking, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction (grammar) question types. Your performance on the Verbal Section is a slightly bigger determinant to your overall GMAT score than the Quantitative.

In addition, the GMAT includes a Writing Test – Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) that is scored on a separate scale of 0 – 6.

Our one day GMAT Verbal Workshop focuses on all of these areas. Please note the GMAT Verbal Workshop is identical to the fourth day of our Two Weekend GMAT Course.

2010 –
Verbal Workshop Dates

9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

S. 1 - January 2010 - TBA
S. 2 - February 2010 - TBA
S. 3 - March 2010 - TBA
S. 4 - April 2010 - TBA
S. 5 - May 2010 - TBA
S. 6 - June 2010 - TBA

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