Richardson GMAT Preparation Courses - Toronto, Canada - Approach

What Is Our Approach to GMAT Preparation?

How exactly will our GMAT course improve your GMAT score?

“Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!”


We teach from “Inside The GMAT” and attack the test in terms of:

  • background math and grammar skills
  • GMAT specific multiple-choice test taking skills
  • GMAT specific CAT test taking techniques
  • GMAT process and compartmentalization
  • GMAT Questions - The skill of redefinition
  • GMAT answer choices: how GMAT makes unattractive choices seem attractive and vice-versa

All of these issues will be applied to the specific GMAT question types.

Remember, it is not “practice that makes perfect.” Rather, it is “perfect practice that makes perfect.”

You will have the opportunity to practice the skills you learn on 9 GMAT CAT Tests:

  • 4 GMAT CAT tests from GMAT
  • 5 GMAT CAT tests from third party developers
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