Richardson Prep Centre- Toronto, Ontario

Richardson Prep Centre- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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“Hello John,

It is a pleasure for me to provide my strong endorsement for the outstanding value that John Richardson and Law School Bound has consistently delivered for the past 22 years since I had the opportunity to participate in both your LSAT and GMAT preparation courses. After securing outstanding results on both exams, I decided to pursue my MBA which has been instrumental in my professional career. During these years I have advised countless students to invest in both courses and it is truly amazing that John Richardson and his team have managed to maintain their extraordinary value proposition. Even though we have moved from fax machines to wireless technology the feedback from those who follow my advice is always the same. Awesome! If anyone is serious about pursuing an MBA, or if you are law school bound --I highly recommend that you invest in the magic John Richardson is offering!

Best regards,

Richard Pinnock, Managing Director, INROADS/ Toronto
Tel: 416-512-0929"

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