Richardson Prep Centre- Toronto, Ontario

Richardson Prep Centre- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Richardson LSAT and GMAT Preparation Reviews, Course Evaluations, Comments, Testimonials, Letters, etc

Over a 28 year period we have taught tens of thousands of students. We cannot claim that all of our students have been accepted to law school or an MBA program or that they have all scored well on the LSAT, GMAT or GRE. But, in most cases we have been able to improve students scores, improve the quality of their application file and increase their chances of success.
What follows are the unaltered words of our former students. The comments are grouped into the following categories:

LSAT, GMAT and GRE Course Evaluations and Post-course Emails
“Thank-You for all of your help! I know your classes helped me 100%...
you're an awesome teacher!” .... Read more

Student Reviews and Comments
“Given by John Richardson, a lawyer with both American and Canadian law degrees, the course was both informative and entertaining.” ... Read more

Students – Letters to John Richardson
“I just wanted to thank you for your assistance - your structured approach to studying, as well as your tips - and particularly your advice on handling "self-talk" helped get me into the right frame of mind to put my "best answers on record" frequently enough to obtain a scaled score of 167 and a percentile ranking of 96!!!” ... Read more

Teacher's Comments - Richardson LSAT and GMAT Prep
“You are a great pedagogue and should be recommended for “teacher of the year.”... Read more

Lawyers and Parents Who Have Taken Our LSAT and GMAT Courses
“I attended John Richardson's LSAT course in 1979 and obtained my law degree from the University of Toronto. …
When my daughter expressed an interest in law school I was pleased to see that John Richardson is still offering his courses! I enrolled her without hesitation!”... Read more

Law Students
“In one way or another, Richardson’s prep courses and materials WILL increase your LSAT score and chances at becoming a law student. Richardson teaches the course in a manner such that anyone can learn easily and find the confidence and skills necessary to do well. For those of you much like myself, Richardson can be the difference between getting into law school or not.” ... Read more

Career Mentors/Counselors
“Awesome! If anyone is serious about pursuing an MBA, or if you are law school bound --I highly recommend that you invest in the magic John Richardson is offering!” ... Read more

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