Richardson Prep Centre- Toronto, Ontario

Richardson Prep Centre- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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“This is the time of year all us third year students go crazy! There are so many things to think about between preparing for the LSAT, rounding out application forms, not to mention finishing the school year! A few weeks ago I went to an extremely helpful LSAT strategy seminar given by John Richardson. I have got to say, I’ve never taken the LSAT before but, if you are planning on taking the June LSAT (which Richardson suggests you do) then this course is a great way to find out how to properly prepare for the LSAT… perhaps the most important test you (and I) will ever take! Information on future dates, times and locations for this free course can be found at:

- Kerri B. – Toronto, Ontario

“Another try at the LSAT was definitely in order. To prepare myself for the second test, I attended an LSAT preparation course at the University of Toronto.

Given by John Richardson, a lawyer with both American and Canadian law degrees, the course was both informative and entertaining. I discovered that the answers to the LSAT questions were not lodged deeply in the recesses of my brain after all, but were right there in front of me on the page. Imagine my elation at this news!

The course gave me a new way of looking at the structure of the LSAT and solving the questions.”

- Bonnie R. – Toronto, Ontario

“John Richardson LSAT Preparation Workshop

I was recommended by a mentor - (an Executive Vice President of Legal) - to take John Richardson's LSAT prep course, as it had helped her tremendously.

The instant gain one gets from the course is a rigorous work ethic, understanding that much work goes into writing a strong LSAT. The next area of growth is in one's confidence in some areas, as well as the tools to strengthen your weaker sections.

The course was highly interactive, and a group-success methodology is maintained throughout. While the books provided are standard, the private Richardson Workbook is the perfect tool for self-study.

The classes are lively, with a diverse student population, having similar goals.

Finally, the strength of the course is genuine care held by the personnel. The teachers show genuine care, and provide an opportunity for each student by adjusting techniques with an aim of individual success during LSAT preparation. I felt at ease when I wrote the official LSAT in June, and am grateful for having taken this course.”

- Kwame Leslie Dougan, June 05 LSAT
B.A. (Hons) York, M.S.c London School of Economics

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