Richardson Prep Centre- Toronto, Ontario

Richardson Prep Centre- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
LSAT Course Students – Letters to John Richardson

“Dear John,

I would like to thank you for the time and effort you have invested in helping pre-law students (like myself!) prepare for the LSAT.

I was warned on numerous occasions that prep courses were a way to rip students off, and did nothing to help improve test performance. (Mind you, the warnings came from friends who took __________ and _________.) As a result, I was apprehensive when I signed up for your course.

To be very honest with you, my perception changed on Day 1. Your advice, strategies, and teaching technique made this an enjoyable (!!) experience for me. More importantly, you have helped me improve my score tremendously. The first time I took the LSAT practice test, I scored near the 60th percentile. Now, I am scoring much higher, and the credit goes to your training.

I no longer feel nervous about walking into the test room on Monday. So, thank you once again.”

- D. H. – Toronto, Ontario

Dear Mr. Richardson,

I took your course twice this year, once in June of 05 and another in
August. I scored 150 on the June LSAT and 151 on the October one.

I am pleased to report that to date I have been rejected by Queens only (in
Ontario). I have been put on a waiting list for Western and accepted at
Windsor's LLB program. I have yet to receive an answer from Ottawa.

I want to thank you for your help in navigating the treacherous waters of
the law school application process. I believe my case shows that "a low LSAT
may keep you out of SOME law school", but obviously not all.


Y. – St. Catherine’s Ontario

Hi John,

I just wanted to thank you for giving the LSAT prep course I took in Nov 2005. I have been meaning to write you for some time, and I apologize for only now getting around to it.

Having written the October LSAT before your course, I received a 158 and couldn't seem to get over the 158-160 slump with my own practice. Your course gave me the push I needed to get over that slump and receive a 165 on my December LSAT. I have been accepted to all my top law school choices, and will be attending Osgoode Hall this September.

Your teaching method and style has played an integral role in my endeavour to successfully tackle the LSAT. Please know that I have recommended your prep course to interested students, and will continue to do so for future LSAT takers.

A. – Toronto, Ontario

Hi John,

Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm glad I was able to add something to the class and if nothing else, you know that you could at least connect with the "old fogies" in the class (i.e. Mature Students--_____ and myself). I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of your course. Not only did I learn a ton, you really eased my nerves and provided some comic relief when we needed it most! I would not hesitate to recommend your course to anyone preparing to write the LSAT. I can truly say that I felt prepared on Saturday morning, and ready.

John, thanks again for doing such a great job. Without your course, I truly would not have had the confidence to go in there, be calm, overcome my nerves, and feel that I could really do this, and do it well. So thank you! Having said that, my score might
reflect that it's all gone horribly which case I'll see you in November!

Your "Getting into Law School" and "Mastering the Personal Statement" were excellent sessions, and I really took away a lot from them.

So thanks again. If I get into law school this year, I will absolutely let you know!

Take care,

E. – Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Richardson,

Happy New Year!

Just thought I would write to inform you that I scored a 91% (164) on the December LSAT. I am very pleased as this is the highest score I registered during the practice sessions, so I guess I did have the clarity of mind you wished me on test day.

Although I am currently putting some thought into rewriting in February - I still believe I could score higher if I had more time to practice - I imagine I will likely stay with this score.

Thanks for all your help, I enjoyed your course thoroughly and will definitely recommend it to others.


J. – Toronto, Ontario


I took your prep course this spring/summer to prepare for the June administration of the LSAT. I just wanted to thank you for your assistance - your structured approach to studying, as well as your tips - and particularly your advice on handling "self-talk" helped get me into the right frame of mind to put my "best answers on record" frequently enough to obtain a scaled score of 167 and a percentile ranking of 96!!! Far better than I'd expected, and certainly, along with my GPA, strong enough to get me into some of the more competitive schools I am applying to this fall. So once again, thanks for your help ... I have to take some of the credit because I was the one who studied for and wrote the test (!!!) but your course did make a big difference, I went into that administration feeling confident and in control of the situation. Plenty of people panicked, but I had the experience to know I could handle it.

Anyways, thanks again for all the help! Keep up the fantastic work!

Regards, “

-Thomas R. – Toronto, Ontario

“... If this email doesn't go directly to John, may you please forward him the message.

Hello John,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you again for your help. The "Mastering the LSAT" program helped me increase my mark from a 148 (the first LSAT I wrote) to the 157 I received on the LSAT this June. I am very happy considering that this was the mark I needed "not to be eliminated from all law schools because of [my] lsat score" :)

As it stands now, I am going into my fourth year at Queen's to complete a BAH in Political Science with an accumulative average of 73% (and one more year to go to raise the average, I hope); along with an LSAT score of 157 (74th percentile).

I know I am not in a great position, but I do hope that I will get into A law school in Canada. I guess only time will tell..

Thank you, and I look forward to recommending your course to others.”

- Mark S. – Toronto, Ontario

“Hi John

I'm not sure if you remember me but I was in your LSAT course last summer preparing for the October LSAT. I just wanted to let you know that I got a phone call from the University of Windsor last week and they accepted me!

I'm very excited! Thank you so much for all your advice and help with the LSAT and application process. I know a few people who want to write the LSAT and I've whole-heartedly referred them to your courses as well as your prep book. It's so weird how in an instant my life has changed. I had already signed up for my fourth year at York and even started taking my summer school course last week. I was glad I got the phone call now because I was able to drop my summer course and still get most of my money back. I knew it was going to be extra hard getting into law school this year because
I don't have my BA which is why this was even more of a shock! I'm so fascinated reading about the courses I will be taking in's still so unreal to me!

Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you for everything!

Take Care”

- Christine P. – Toronto, Ontario


Thank you for your great instruction. I scored 77th percentile, (158) on the December exam. That's up 7 percentile ranks (previous 70th).

All the hard work paid off! And I will suggest your course to up and coming applicants!


- Amanda E. – Toronto, Ontario

“Dear John,

I wanted to thank you once again for all of your help and advice concerning the LSAT and personal statement writing that you offered in your Mastering the LSAT course. My score improved dramatically and I can't thank you enough for all of your insight into the test that you offered me.

Thanks again! “

- Michael P. – Toronto, Ontario

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