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John Richardson Interview
"Thank-You for all of your help! I know your classes helped me're an awesome teacher!”
Hi John,

Again, it was a pleasure to have you down in September and I know that many students took your advice to heart. Notably perhaps was your line that the LSAT is a reading exam - that's advice that certainly stuck with me and is definitely a game changer for many. I still have your book on my bookshelf =).

Hi John,

I hope you're enjoying the holidays. I have to admit I miss weekends filled with LSAT happiness! I'm happy to report that I just got my first admissions offer today from the University of Ottawa, and I have to thank you for all your help.

I'm shocked that I got an offer so quickly, I was anticipating having to wait until the spring before I heard anything. Once again, thank you so much for all of your help. Getting an offer so early certainly makes the waiting process much less stressful. I'll have to drop by one of your classes and do some logic games for fun in the new year!

Hi John,

Thank you very much for everything!! Before I took your course, I was always indecisive on how to approach a question on the LSAT. I became even more confused by the variety of different techniques introduced in many prep books. You helped me to grasp the essence of LSAT questions and taught me how to approach the LSAT in a consistent way. I scored a 171 on the October 2008 test, much exceeded my scoring average of 167 before I took your course. I have been admitted by Columbia Law School and several other top-14 law schools in the states. Once again, thank you for everything!

p.s. I will always remember the “if stroke then die, if dead not necessarily stroke”.


Hey John,

Remember me? _____'s friend who took your class in the summer. Anyhoo, I just had to share some great news with you. I got my first acceptance from Osgoode! Thank you, thank you, thank you :). Your classes were really helpful. I have yet to hear from the other schools but Osgoode is my first choice anyway so woohoo! You gave me all the help I needed for me to be even considered , ha ha. I am sooo happy. Let me know when you have some free time, I will take you for coffee to say thanks for being the awesome teacher that you are :).

All the best,

Hi John,

LSAT school was a blast. It helped me improve one of the areas I had been struggling w/ at the start my LSAT preparation - logic games. But the most important lesson I learned from you course was that when it comes to answering the questions, simplicity is virtue.

Again, thank you for a wonderful class. You have definitely satisfied your calling. You are an amazing teacher!

Hi John,

I wanted to offer a very sincere thank you, for everything!
I found the course tremendously helpful-I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but you really clarified things for me!
You are an incredible teacher, and everyone in the class really enjoyed you, and the way you taught.

Hi John,

I just finished my submissions to the Ontario schools last week, and wanted to send you a thank you for all the help and tips & guest speakers and info sessions you arranged during the course. I wound up getting a 161, which is what I was aiming for. I also wrote a personal statement that I feel strongly about and as per your suggestion, I am planning on applying to some more schools ...

Hi Sir,

I think you are a phenominal instructor as your classes are not only educational but also motivational.

Hi Mr. Richardson,

I don't know if you remember me but my name is _________ and I took your course last July. I wanted first to tell you that this week I received 2 acceptance letters and I'm very excited that I'll be going to law school in the fall! It took 2 LSAT attempts, but it has all paid off in the end. Thank you once again for all your help with the LSAT, your course was fantastic.

Hello John,

I really enjoyed your classes and learned a lot - I am definitely feeling much more calm about the LSATs. I appreciate all of your assistance, tricks, tips and knowledge.

Hi John,

I hope you're having a great summer. I wanted to let you know that I have been admitted to Osgoode and I start in September. I am so excited and I had to tell you as you have been such a helpful and insightful part of this journey. I appreciate your lsat teachings and all of your fabulous advice.

Hi Mr. Richardson:

I have no regrets taking your course-not only because it helped me to improve but also it's very rare that you meet a teacher of any sort that takes the time out to get to know their students. You did this and it made a big difference in the class and the way in which the class responded to you.

You are definitely very good at what you do Mr. Richardson.

Hi John,

Thank you for the great job you did teaching my lsat class. I got a 166 on the June test, exceeding my goal of 160. I especially improved on the logic games thanks to your strategy.

Thank you very much,

Hi John,

Your classes and approach to 'LSAT Happiness' was refreshing, and your consideration to student needs was personally appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Hi John!

Your techniques have been helpful and your advice has been instrumental in my improvement. The others and I made a joke last week that we would love to put you in our pocket and bring you to the test on Saturday!

Best Regards,

Hello John,

The class has been great and you are an excellent teacher. This stuff can get boring in a hurry but you keep us interested for an 8-hour day.

Thanks again,

Hi John,

Thanks very much for letting me sit in on the workshop – I did find it really helpful, and the examples in the book are as well. I can safely say if I didn’t attend, I would’ve written some cheesy statement that sounds like every other applicant’s (that’s not to say it won’t still be cheesy).

Hi John,

I must tell you that I am really enjoying the classes. Your methods and style are certainly taking away a lot of the confusion surrounding the LSAT.

Hi John,

I believe your course has helped me tremendously by increasing my attainable LSAT score, and more importantly, improving my communication skills. You are gifted teacher.

Dear John,

Thank you for coming today! The Feedback has been great and the whole seminar was VERY well received. Your sense of humour and humanistic approach I think helped make people feel at ease, while also understanding that Law School and the Admissions process is not a cakewalk.

Again, thank you!

Hello Mr. Richardson,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your advice, your class and especially your realistic positivity. I think these three things, plus good luck and some hard work lead me to my success in the admission process. I have been accepted to the LLB program at Ottawa and Windsor Law schools (I am wait listed for the JD/LLB at Windsor, but I am remaining positive and hopeful :-) )

Hello John,

You did a fantastic job teaching us, I haven't had any experience with other LSAT training programs, but what I can say with confidence is that your teaching is far superior. (P.S THERE IS NO FLAW IN MY ARGUMENT)

Hi John,

Your course was so helpful and you truly are an amazing teacher!

Hi John,

I was at your admissions seminar last night at York. And wow what a seminar! It was very interesting and informative.


I think this weekend really helped me out (both with the LSAT and information about law school in general) and I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed the course so far. Great job!

Dear John,

I'm not sure if you'll remember me but I was in your LSAT prep. course in Nov. 2006. I just wanted to let you know that I got a call from U. of T. yesterday and I've been offered a spot in the fall, 2008 class.

Frankly, I'm over the moon. I'd applied to all the Ontario schools but I really was hoping for Osgoode or U. of T. Not only because they seem to be the top schools but also because they are commuting distance from my home and family in Milton. I have no doubt that the success of my application is due in large part to your help.

I found the course very helpful and I really found myself improving (I started off with a 142 and by the end I was scoring 163).

Hi John,

I have chosen U of T and am very happy with the decision. So far, there are no regrets. Thank you again for taking the time to speak with me and also, thank you for the great class experience. I am referring everyone who ever mentions the word LSAT to you and your program. I think you do a fantastic job, and after hearing other people's experiences with other programs, I have no doubt, you provide the best "training" possible. Best of luck in the future, and thank you again.

I enjoyed taking your class, you kept the long hours entertaining and relieved the pressure of the LSAT through humour.


I was wanting to email you to thank you for putting together all the different aspects of the course. I definitely learned a new perspective on understanding and completing the LSAT. I wanted to thank you in person on Saturday, ...

Your class was a blast and you were a very good teacher in my opinion. Never will I forget the words: happiness.. friendliness.. LSATNESS!

Hi John,

... just yesterday received an offer from Osgoode Hall, which I intend to firmly accept. It's a fantastic school and the perks are numerous - ...

So there you have it! Thanks again for all your help and patience throughout this process. If you ever want a testimonial or anything like that, I'd be happy to provide you with one.

Dear John,

I also wanted to say thank you for the wonderful class experience, as I learned a lot and definitely learned things that I would never have figured out through my own LSAT studying at home. It was a very positive learning experience and it has definitely decreased my panic level regarding this monster called the LSAT.

Hello John,

I took your 5 weekend LSAT prep course in the Summer of 2006, and I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done. All of your workshops provided me with important pointers and tips, but most of all, they gave me the confidence to attain success. I just received admission to Windsor law this morning (first try) and wanted you to know that your contribution was significant. It made such a difference!

The course helped a ton, thank you so much for your help. I will let you know how it goes. I may be rewriting in October. :-)


You have been so supportive. I really appreciate all that you did for me.

I took the Richardson GMAT course about a year ago. I wanted to touch base, and mention that I managed to score a 710. I was very pleased with my result.

We will certainly highly recommend your program to others. Once again thank you for everything.

Hi John,

Hope that 2008 has been treating you well so far. I just wanted to share some good news with you: I've been accepted to McGill and U of T! I can't wait to start in September. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for all of your teaching and guidance. I hope that your prep courses are full and that the pre-law forums for this spring are shaping up well!

I am very grateful to you, as it has been a great experience being in your class and obtaining such valuable information.

Hi John,

I was in your fall workshop for the Sept 29th LSAT and I just wanted to say thank you so much first of all- I ended up doing really well on the test and the classes definitely played a huge role in that. Subsequently, I was given early admission to U of T and Osgoode ... Thank you again for the great prep!

Hi John,

I attended your Four Weekend Mastering the LSAT course back in May 2006 at the Toronto U of T St. George campus location (taught by you). I thought it was fantastic and you were an awesome instructor.

I may have been the only person smiling after the exam! It definitely felt like ''LSAT happiness''.

Hello Mr. Richardson,

Thank you! I’m really excited and confident that I did all I can to prepare. Thanks for the last two weekends, they really helped. I really enjoyed your class, your teaching style was very effective for me in both getting the concepts and also giving me ways to look positively at these kinds of challenges.

Hi John,

I hope everything is going well with prep courses and that you're enjoying the fall so far. My LSAT went really well last June - 166 (thank you!!!).

Hi Mr. Richardson,

Today's session got me so excited for the LSAT! I was having trouble with the logic games section before but have been practicing this evening after I got home and found what you taught this afternoon to be incredibly useful and applicable.

hi john,

i have done the gmat exam today and scored 680 thanks for the prep course.

Hi Mr. Richardson,

I just wanted to tell you that I was accepted to law school, and am now attending in Windsor. Your course was a great help when I took it last Dec, and I will definitely be recommending it to anybody preparing for the LSAT test.
Thanks again,

Hi John,

I attended your Saturday class, in Carr Hall, to do a practice test with the rest of the class. I hope you remember me. I took a class with you about two years ago (and I am the one with the anxiety case). Thanks again for that 5-10 minute lecture on anxiety and timing. I found it helpful.

Dear Mr. Richardson,

I was one of your students in the LSAT prep course if you remember. I just got my LSAT result and I had a significant improvement from my previous mark (27th percentile) to 75th percentile. I do believe that your instructions had a significant effect on this outcome and thereby would like to thank you for all you've done.


Just wanted to let you know I took the GMAT in August and scored 690 (89 percentile) and got into Schulich and am starting in January. Your program is excellent and thanks for the assistance.

Have a great holiday and Happy New Year.

Hey John,

Thanks again for taking the time to teach our course, I found it extremely valuable in preparing not only to write the LSAT but also in preparing my personal statement. Best of luck with the new group of students in the fall.

Hi John,

Hope you're doing well and getting through this hectic season. I received my mark this morning...and I got 158! I am sooo happy. I'm in the 75th percentile. I am just thrilled with my mark and am so glad I decided to rewrite. I just wanted to let you know and to thank you again for not only helping me learn how to write the LSAT, but also for your support and confidence in me.

Anyway, have a great Christmas and I sincerely wish you the very best in 2007!


Thank you once again you have served as an inspiration and the voice of reason in frustrating circumstances, namely your LSAT drills!!!!

Hello Mr. Richardson,

The LSAT prep course was very well delivered, and I feel ready to take the test in June (I guess it's just a matter of practising those puzzles until then). I really like your flexible and relaxed approach.

Hey John,

Thanks again for putting on a good class. I told one of my friends that I was going to take an LSAT class and she pleaded with me not to. Last year she did a class with ______ and said it was a complete waste of her money (cost her like $2000). However, I am happy to say this was not a waste of my money and I think I am well on my way to getting myself the 180 I need come Sept. 29.

Dear John

I scored 660 score in GMAT with 99percentile in Maths section. I want to say Thanks for without your excellent coaching material and methods it would have become very difficult to secure this much marks.

I joined your two weekend preparation batch in May 2006 at U of T.

Thanks again


Hey John,

I wanted to say THANK-YOU! If it wasn't for your classes and tips, combined with the on-line course and the LSAT 19-38 with all that feedback- I couldn't have aced the LSAT like this.

Hi John,

I thought you might like to know how I got on yesterday.

I scored:

Quantitative: Scaled Score 42; Percentile 67.

Verbal: Scaled Score 38; Percentile 85.

Total: 650; Percentile 83.

I think that should be enough for the program I want. Thanks for all
your help!

Hi John

I found your course to be helpful, and I enjoyed your style. It is quite a talent to not only teach, but to understand where your students thinking has gone astray.

Hi John

It was a pleasure being part of your class. You are a very amusing and intelligent instructor!

Hi John,

I took your fall prep course from August to October. I just recently wrote my December LSAT. I scored in the 94th percentile (166/180). I just wanted to thank you for the help over the course of the fall, it certainly proved valuable.

Mr. Richardson,

Thanks again for all your help over the past month, I will definitely recommend your course to others and may even take your GMAT course sometime soon as I do plan on an MBA sometime in the future (We'll see how the LSAT goes first though). I'll let you know when I hear back from the schools I applied to, especially if I get into my first choice Queen's!

Have a great holiday season, and thanks again...

Hello Mr. Richardson,

Thank you for the amazing course. It was very beneficial to me and I am very happy I chose to take it.

Hi John,

Thank you for the offer to re-take the test free of charge. I will definitely keep it in mind. I enjoyed your course; I learned quite a bit in it. Most importantly, I gained reassurance that I CAN do well in it, because I understand it and got many of the questions right both in class, and while working independently. In addition, you gave me some important tips on how to approach the written section, which helped me significantly.

Dear Mr. Richardson,

It was a great experience to take the LSAT Prep course with you, and I improved my score as a result. Thank you again for all the help and advice you gave me along the way, I truly did learn a lot from you. I hope to keep in touch and see you again soon.

Hi John:

I wrote the LSAT today, and I think it went pretty well. Thanks for all of your help. I felt much more confident about writing the LSAT after taking your course. I'll let you how the test turned out once they tell me my score.

Hi John,

I just wanted to let you know that I got my LSAT score. It was 167, so I'm very happy. Thanks for all of your help.


Thanks John. I greatly appreciated your course materials. They have helped me immensely.
Hey John,

I'm very pleased with the results of my confidence from the class and the practice. I'll be sure to let you know how things are going and keep in touch as the rest of the journey unfolds.

Good Morning John

I just wanted to thank you for all the enjoyable classes! You are an amazing and very motivating teacher! I wanted to thank you personally yesterday but you were busy. Anyways, I am planning to write the LSAT in Feb, if I don't do well, I will definitely sign up for your classes again. It was a pleasure meeting you John. Thank you!


I found the course extremely valuable. I am nervous about Saturday, but I do not feel unprepared. Thanks again for the talk at York, you did a great job.

We hope that we can plan another event with you this year.

Take Care

Mr. Richardson,

Thank you for your well wishes, and all the help from you and Tapas in preparing for the LSAT it has been well worth it and I have advised my friends to take your class.

Dear John.

I want to thank you, and Tapas, for all the work and effort you put into making the futures of other's come together. Your profession is extremely altruistic--not a lot of people would devote so much of their time for the benefit of others. For this, I cannot thank you enough. Your program was extremely helpful, and you always created a welcoming, comfortable environment in which many of us learned ample amounts.

Thanks again.

Yours very truly,

Hello John,

Thank-you so much for your support; it is greatly appreciated and very helpful!

You teach an amazing class and I look forward to November.

Hi John,

I enjoyed your class immensely. I am forever indebted to yourself and Tapas for having so much patience with us, and teaching us so many helpful tips for working our way through the questions put to us.

I will be registering for the December lsat- just to give me piece of mind in case I need it. And although I hope not to have to attend class again, you just may see me there : )

Take care of yourself.

I will keep you posted.


I just wanted to send you an e-mail thanking you and letting you know how beneficial I found your LSAT Prep course. I took the course in London on the Victoria Day Weekend and wrote the LSAT on June 12. I received a 165 (93 percentile) and definitely found a number of the strategies we used in the course beneficial!

Thanks so much!

Dear John,

I thought your course was very well run - and a hell of a lot of value for the price. Money well spent. Now I need to spend a few months going through this on my own. What do you recommend I do if I need to consult with someone about specific questions I have (maybe of some things I don't understand or want to clarify)?

Hello John

I just got in from London where I wrote my Lsat, I'm fairly confident in my performance today. After reading your Lsat book, I was more than psychologically prepared for what the experience was going to be like.

I initially went to my first free LSAT strategy session in the winter semester of 2005 (My 2nd year in university) on the UFT campus at the Carr hall building. After that I attended the summer and fall pre-law gatherings at Osgoode Hall Law School. Those gatherings that you organized for us prospective law school students were definatly of
great value. In other words, they were worth getting up at 8am on a Saturday morning for.

I would just like to thank you for all your assistance over the last year
and a half.

Your program including the various free pre-law student gatherings definatly opened up my eyes to the real legal profession, and I wouldn't have been able to get this far without it.

Hello John,

You know, my dad asked me the other day if I felt as though this course was worth the $900 and my answer to him was every penny. I not only enjoyed attending your course each weekend, but I really do feel that it brought me light-years from where I was
initially when I started preparing. I love the outlook you take on teaching this course John..if you put the work in, everyone is capable of achieving this goal. I think above anything, it was your attitude in teaching that Iappreciated the most (especially in this horribly cynical world of Lsat prep).

So yes, thank you again for everything John, it is extremely obvious to me why you have been doing this for so long. You not only love it as you have stated, but you are exceptionally good at it. Again, please keep me posted about my options of repeating the course I took.



The course you offered was excellent. I now understand why previous students
(who took the course with you) and are currently lawyers have sworn by you and your course.

I honestly found it extremely helpful and found that your patience and way of relaying the material to us was fantastic.

Thanks again.


Hi John,

I just checked my score and we got a 162 -- 87th

Thank you SO much -- I couldn't have done this without your help!

Talk to you soon,

Hi John,

Just to let you know I got a 164 (91st percentile) on my LSATs. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance!!

Have a fantastic summer, and good luck with the new group!

Hello Mr. Richardson,

This is _________. You might remember me from the May 2006 one weekend LSAT prep course in Toronto...I was the girl who kept bothering you for additional LSAT books! In any regard, I would first like to say THANK YOU! I ended up scoring quite well on the LSAT because of the excellent tips that you and Tapis offered.

“Excellent! He makes learning the principles easy through catch phrases (i.e. ”you can’t prove it answer”). High energy and positive.”

“I was quite seriously considering another course. The most attractive feature of the course was the teaching experience John offers to it. The course is John. I’m not sure I would have taken any other of the courses were he not teaching!”

“I found John to be very motivating – excellent! His knowledge of LSAT structure and how best to approach it is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, he proves, regardless of ability, that it can be done to the point where one could perfect if repeatedly.”

“He was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had in terms of inspiring and patience in dealing with students. The course would not be anything without his output.”

“He is very down-to-earth. He took the test anxiety away and made it seem less important (in a good way)!”

“Shows keen interest in each student.”

“The course was a great help to me. It gave me perspective and direction to focus myself. I feel relatively confident in the various areas of the whole admissions process. This course has been a great experience. And I have already recommended this course to others. I found it to be worth the money in more ways than one. I find John to be funny – compassionate. I like the realistic approach to the test and admissions process.”

“This is just a message to thank John Richardson,

I took the mastering the LSAT course at the beginning of the spring and the June 14th LSAT, and I don't think I would have been able to get 179 without the prep course.

Thanks again,”


You the man. Thanks for your timely response and helping people succeed. I will let you know how I do.”

"Mastering the LSAT" is a terrific course for preparation for the LSAT test.

The course provides valuable techniques for approaching the questions and trying to determine the correct answers. Reviewing and discussing actual LSAT questions in class and writing sample tests were very helpful in preparing for the test. I would highly recommend that anyone considering writing the LSAT take this course.”

“I would just like to say regardless of how I score on this LSAT exam I thoroughly enjoyed your course. Although I am what you describe in your book as a "perfectionist" I eventually came to accept that I would get a lot of answers wrong and that was okay. I made a lot of progress thanks to you over the past several weeks and I hope that it
will be enough so the LSAT does not prevent me from getting into Law School. In addition, I have highly recommended your course to friends, and to my brother who will eventually be writing the GMAT some day.

Thank-you again so much for your dedication to the course! I hope that I will not have to see you again for round two of the course, but it's nothing personal.

All the best,”

“I have learned from 2 other students, that after taking your course there was quite a considerable increase in their final LSAT score. Also, being taught by John Richardson was one of the most fulfilling and rewarding investments that they had pursued. I too look forward to being his student and successful at achieving a high percentile in the LSAT for admission at a Law Schools of my choice.


“Have a great summer. Thank you for the entertainment in class.”


Just a quick email to say thank you for this weekend. I found it invaluable!!!!!”

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